Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My Name is Mud Issue One


Kendra Grant Malone, Daniel Bailey , Adam J Maynard, Maurice Burford
TR Deeks, Sabra Embury, Brandon Scott Gorell, Prathna Lor, Todd Colby
Paige Taggart,
Joseph Goosey, K. Silem Mohammad,Cassandra Troyan
Hickory Assbags

92pp Text with b/w images, perfect bound

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Green by Adam J Maynard

Green, a book of poems by Adam J Maynard

In his first collection of poetry Green, Adam J Maynard is the Grand Marshall of a beautiful parade, swinging the baton as he takes us through a kaleidoscopic realm that is our cultural memory, our obsessions, our emotional uncertainties, our love. This book is dripping with poems that are as lucid as they are baffling. I couldn't help but follow Maynard through the streets of Green, beating my drum in tune to the band, wondering where I was, excited about where I would go.

- Daniel Bailey, author of East Central Indiana and The Drunk Sonnets

I've always been jealous of synesthetes, but after reading Green, I now know I should never have been jealous of them. From now on I will respond to the synesthetes with great fear and I will walk lightly around them, so as not to disturb their thoughtfulness. Adam J Maynard's new collection of photos and poem's are sure to infect the parts of your brain that were meant to work independently and completely reorder your sense of the world.

- Kendra Grant Malone, author of Everything Is Quiet

Adam J Maynard's poems are packed with the particulars of everyday life; brimming with a playfully sinister joy in the new now. Full of flip-flops, Slayer t-shirts, and Kung Fu, his poems navigate the modern landscape with a refined poetic sensibility that is equal parts fearless and sophisticated as it is hilarious and surreal. The publication of Green is a real cause for celebration.

- Todd Colby, author of Riot In The Charm Factory and Tremble and Shine

Adam J Maynard's Green is really a form of the blues. These absurdist little anti-ballads appear on the surface to be awkwardly tuneless and banal, but they catch you with plaintive hooks that almost don't register until they've punctured your lip. Maynard's cadences, for all their deliberate clunkiness, are soulful and melancholy in a way that escapes maudlin cliche or forced sincerity. Earworms that at first seem blank and silly burrow their way into your "sleepy cartoon mind" and lay eggs there that hatch into "greenish ghosts" which "float up through the floor / And get free, out in the light, in the wind." This book is tight.

- K Silem Mohammad, author of Deer Head Nation, Breathalyzer and The Front

81pp Text with b/w images, perfect bound

$15.95 (includes shipping and handling)